Cutting machine accessories in stock include:Powells Forest and Garden Equipment, Wormbridge - Oregon logo

  • Chainsaw bars, chains and sprockets (Oregon) are fitted free of charge to ensure optimal performance.
  • Round and flat files and sharpening aids for all chain sizes
  • Strimmer line, replacement heads and cutting blades can be selected to suit the machine and job to be done. Strimmer line from 2.0mm to 4.0mm diameter, and from 15m to 240m in length is stocked, together with a variety of metal blades to cut grass, brambles, shrubland and even Christmas trees.
  • Disc cutter carborundrum discs and diamond tipped blades.
  • Tungsten tipped saw chain for extremely abrasive conditions (e.g. tree roots)

Using a chainsaw with a blunt or worn-out chain, not only makes a job much more difficult and time-consuming, but also increases the risk of accidental injury to the operator and of costly damage to the saw. High quality Oregon chain lasts longer than lesser quality makes of chain and is easier to sharpen. Proper maintenance of bars helps to prolong the life of chains, and ensures that new chains work effectively and cut straight.

Powells Forest and Garden Equipment, Wormbridge - chainUsing the right type of chain also makes tasks much easier. We stock three main chain cutter designs – chain with a rounded profile suits hardwood, while an angular profile is advisable for greenwood and softwood. A third type of chain, which is particularly useful for cutting tree roots and working where fouling by stones is inevitable, has tungsten teeth grafted onto the chain in the same way as for a masonry drill.

With four (3/8S, 0.325, 3/8L, 0.404) chain pitches (to suit different sprockets and bars), four tang widths (to match sprockets, bars and makes of saw), and three cutter designs it is easy to understand why there may be 18 rolls of chain partly used - without mentioning specialist types of chains and chains for harvesting machines.

Examples of the type of service we offer for chains and bars can be found on our Services page.

Powells Forest and Garden Equipment, Wormbridge - blades

Many people who own strimmers do not get the best performance from their machine because the most appropriate cutting tool is not used. The various strimmer heads, line and blades available are designed for different purposes.

Powells Forest and Garden Equipment, Wormbridge - nylon line headsNylon line heads come with 2 or 4 outlets, with the latter requiring a strimmer with at least a 40cc engine. The nylon line acts as a knife to cut through plant material therefore the thinnest line is equivalent to the sharpest knife. However, this line often does not have sufficient longitudinal strength, therefore the choice of line thickness depends on both sharpness and strength required, tailored to suit the size of machine.

In cross section, nylon line may be round, square or star-shaped. Roundline tends to work best in heads with an automatic or semi-automatic feed, although its cutting performance is limited. The square line can approach plants as a flat side or as a 90 degree edge, giving variable performance. Some line is made from 2 dissimilar materials - a high strength core with an abrasion resistant outside.

Alternatives to nylon line include swing out polycut blades and metal blades. Metal blades come in a variety of shapes – 3-point, 4-point, 8-tooth, 20-tooth, 80-tooth saw, chisel tooth etc - to provide effective means of tackling a huge range of plant types. Many can be sharpened, extending their lifespan, but they should only be used on strimmers fitted with cowhorn (bike) handle, because the handle bar acts a barrier to reduce the risk of walking forward into the blade.

Powells Forest and Garden Equipment, Wormbridge - accessories

We also sell other accessories for wood-cutting, such as wooden and metal saw-horses, and the Alaskan Saw Mill.