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We aim to supply machines to match the requirements of customers, who vary from householders with a large garden to foresters, farmers and professional gardeners.

Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws are all made to high standards of performance, durability, noise level and anti-vibration. That said, models differ in their characteristics and their suitability for various tasks, falling into three broad design categories - for weekend, farming and professional users. Saws for use by professional foresters are not only robustly constructed for a hard working life but they are also easy to dismantle for service and repair. On the other hand, saws for occasional use are generally cheaper to buy but are less easy to service.

Powells Forest and Garden Equipment, Wormbridge - Stihl chainsaw

Strimmers also come in a variety of designs and sizes, for different uses and users. Large brushcutters used by professionals can accomplish rapidly a wide range of tasks, from cutting small trees to clearing large areas of rough ground. Smaller strimmers are extremely useful in the garden to keep edges of the lawn, paths and small areas of grass tidy, while medium sized machines with cowhorn handles are particularly convenient and versatile to tackle a variety of cutting jobs about the garden and farm. Once again, it is important to match the features of a strimmer to the needs of the user and to wear the appropriate type of well-adjusted strimmer harness.

Powells Forest and Garden Equipment, Wormbridge - trimmer

Stihl, Husqvarna and Honda make a range of other petrol-driven machines which can make life much easier around the garden and in the woods. We stock equipment such as hedgecutters, pole pruners, leaf blowers/vacuums, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, disc cutters and pedestrian and ride-on mowers, while rotavators, water pumps, chippers and other machines can readily be ordered.

Telescopic pole saws, which can cut branches up to 9 inches thick and 15 feet from the ground, have become essential equipment for an increasing number of customers. The basic strimmer engine has also been developed to produce long reach hedge trimmers, which allow gardeners to cut hedges up to 10 feet high while standing on the ground.

Powell's Forest & Garden specialises in mowers, ranging from the 16 inch rotary to the 72 inch Zero Turn, which is capable of cutting many acres per hour. We also offer the choices of Honda, Viking, Hyundai and Rover pedestrian mowers.

Our sales are backed up by a prompt repair service and large stock of spare parts.

We can also provide a variety of types of saw chain, strimmer heads & line, and brush cutter blades; saw chain, hedgecutter and mower blades can be sharpened.