Powell's Forest & Garden Equipment Ltd are main dealers for Husqvarna, Stihl and Oregon. We therefore carry a range of engine, gear, hydraulic and two stroke oils, as well as our own brand oils, in addition to mineral and biodegradable chain oil.

All oils sold in the workshop meet national gradings for their specific use. No oil (except for chain oil) is from a recycled source, ensuring that risks of engine blockage are minimal.

Tractor universal oil for older machines, Mastertrans for the transmission system of new tractors and also ATF.

Hydraulic 32 and 42 oils, and EP 90 and EP140 gear oils are available for collection from the workshop.

Husqvarna and Stihl blend their own oils, which are designed to compliment their machines. These synthetic oils have been developed to produce minimal exhaust emissions for forestry workers using saws in a still atmosphere under a canopy of leaves. The Stihl and Husqvarna oils are made under license in the UK, for mixing at a ratio of 50:1 (i.e. 100ml oil per 5 litres of petrol).

Chain oil is certainly not some other oil re-labelled, and it should possess several important characteristics. Chain oil is manufactured to have a constant viscosity across the temperature range likely to occur under normal chainsaw operating conditions. It must be easily pumped using very small, simple pumps, yet not be a thin fluid. The right consistency is achieved by blending a gelatinous oil into a more fluid one, to produce an oil with average viscosity and a high degree of adhesion is achieved by adding adhesion agents. This is important as an oil which is readily thrown off the end of bars is useless – the saw may appear to use oil but the oil is thrown away.

Chainsaws need oil at the point of cutting, which is usually under the bar near the saw where the chain is returning to the engine sprocket, and the furthest distance from the oil delivery point. Chain oil is needed on the bar rails to lubricate between the chain side plates and the rails where pressure is applied as the saw bar is pressed onto timber. Oil is also needed in the bar groove where the chain tangs run, and in the sprocket which runs off needle roller bearings.

We also stock specialist gear box grease for strimmers and hedgecutters, as well as general purpose greases.