Palax C750

Palax C750

The original Palax 70 series was renowned for tough professional processing of larger logs. Now, the new Palax C750 ups the ante in several respects. Its superior

speed is top-of-the-line for its class size, and its 750mm hard-tipped blade now cuts larger logs of up to 28cm diameter.

Furthermore, the rear part of the machine has been made wider, making it easier for the wood to travel in the groove.

The more robust splitting blade and improved log clamp make the machine more comfortable to operate. When the wood is held more firmly in place in the cutting phase, work safety is improved as well.

The in-feed conveyor and the 4.3m out-feed conveyor on this machine keep the wood in motion.

The debris grate in the splitting chamber removes debris created from splitting, resulting in clean and easy to dry logs.


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