Powell's Forest & Garden Equipment Ltd can supply most of the equipment required for cutting trees and for cutting in the garden – machines, clothing, hand tools, accessories and consumables - at sensible prices. In addition, advice and technical information is readily available about the goods being offered for sale. Customers can also obtain a wide variety of spare parts, or have machines repaired promptly by a mechanic approved by Stihl and Husqvarna. Simple repairs can often be done while you wait.

We carry a comprehensive stock of parts for the mowers that we sell, enabling us to provide, when necessary, a rapid response to mower breakdowns. We service other types of mowers, but we may need time to order specialist parts. In the current throwaway age, parts for many cheaper makes of mowers are very difficult to obtain.

Most customers like to have an informed discussion with us about the technical features of different machines before purchasing one, so they know that what they buy will be suitable for the work ahead. Similarly, when machines are brought in for large repairs, an assessment is made about whether it is worthwhile to carry out the repair, with the customer making the final decision.

We offer a sharpening service for saws, hedgecutters, and mower blades. When fitting a new chainsaw chain, the bar is inspected for straightness and damage. The bar is then "dressed" on the lineshing machine to ensure that the rails are parallel and to remove burrs, which would restrict free movement of the bar into a cut. The sprocket is also examined for wear which would shorten the life of a new chain, and if necessary a new sprocket is fitted from our extensive stock. The workshop is open plan, and worn parts are available to customers.

Many saws can be fitted with more than one size of chain – in terms of both the pitch (length of the links) and the width of the drive tangs (that run in the bar). Chains can often be a link shorter than the original chain if the bar is well used and approaching replacement. The shorter chain ensures that the chain adjuster is near its minimum setting, thus giving plenty of available movement. Therefore we offer free fitting of new chains, and suggest that saws are brought to the workshop when new chains are needed. We advise whether a chain needs sharpening or replacing, and if a new one is required we offer a choice of cutter design.